Kriston Lee Pumphrey is Deaf, and hails from Seattle. He was surrounded by performing artists while growing up. They inspired him to become a performing artist, visual designer, and community organizer. He has a keen interest in signing ASL songs. He travels around the world teaching performance techniques and training aspiring dancers.  

Dr. Jenny Gough resides in southern California, and has been teaching courses on American Sign Language, Deaf Education, and Deaf Culture since 2006. She is also a passionate activist for language equality. She holds an Ed.D. degree in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education from Lamar University.

Jesse Jones III is a New Orleans native, and now a resident of San Diego. He holds a degree from Gallaudet University and San Diego State University. He currently works as an Uber driver and does freelance work with the University of California, San Diego as an ASL translator/consultant.

April Jackson-Woodard is an Missouri native who now calls Maryland home. She has been acting since age 3. She launched two children storybooks on an app called “The Baobab” in February 2013 and “The Blue Lobster” in September 2014 with Visual Language and Visual Learning department at Gallaudet University. She currently works as an actress for Quest Visual Theatre.

Meet Our Signers

Shira Grabelsky is a northern California transplant by way of New York, Washington, D.C., Colorado, and Boston. She has worked as Director of Artistic Sign Language (DASL) at various theatres. She is an ASL teacher for Deaf children and loves getting her hands dirty in the  arts and the outdoors!